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What are the best wineries to visit in Mudgee?

So you’ve followed your nose 261kms west from Sydney to the Mudgee wine region of NSW. You’ve

So you’ve followed your nose to the fabulous Mudgee wine region of NSW.

You’ve had a traipse around the town, checked your bags into your accommodation and now you’re ready to sample the fine wine highlights of what this district has to offer. But there is in excess of 40 wineries in the region spanning a remarkably huge area with winemakers scattered all around.

What wine is Mudgee famous for?

What are the best wineries to visit in Mudgee?

Where should I start?

To begin, leave the car where you parked it (unless you opt to hire, or nominate, a driver) hire yourself a bike (The Wine Pig suggests you go to Countryfit Health & Fitness Gym), don your helmet and you’re ready to go. Not all of Mudgee’s amazing wineries are accessible by bike, but The Wine Pig has put together a little tried and tested route to make sure you hit our favourite cellar doors.

Here is The Wine Pig’s Mudgee wine experience! Its been tried and tested, several times, it’s a 16.8km round-trip wine cycle route in Mudgee: It’s chilled out, it’s picturesque, it’s mostly flat, and once you’ve hit the first stop it’s a cruise between the two main roads which run in and out of town.

1: Huntington Estate Winery

Back in 1969 Bob Roberts shoved a few thousand sticks in the ground and hoped they would grow. And it worked! Huntington Estate has an impressive collection of both the whites and reds, with something to suit every type of wine enthusiast.

With a philosophy centred around creating great and yet affordable wines, each and every one of Huntington Estates grapes is treated with the care and love it deserves. Nestled in the heart of the wine region, 6km north of the Mudgee town centre, Huntington Estate’s cellar door itself is relaxed, warm and inviting with a wine style guaranteed to stand the test of time.

The 2011 Huntington Estate Block 3 Cabernet Sauvignon is to die for, and if you’re looking for something a little different, try the 2015 Huntington Estate Semillion Chardonnay. “It’s all about what’s inside the bottle that matters; substance over style.” Never a truer word said Huntington Estate. The Wine Pig salutes you!

2: Petersons of Mudgee

Easily one of the friendliest cellar doors in the area, family-run Petersons of Mudgee has a brilliantly relaxed atmosphere, supported by a superb range of crisp wine wines, wonderful sparkling and big reds for which the region is famous.

The quaint little cellar door cottage is enveloped in the vast stretch of vines and Mudgee’s rolling hills. Alison’s service and knowledge is fantastic and she never forgets a face and as for the pooch, the gatekeeper, Fergus he’s incredibly cute and loves a belly rub! The 2013 Mudgee “Old Block” Cabernet Sauvignon is fantastic but it’s the Petersons Cellar Port NV which really was The Wine Pig’s absolute highlight, don’t leave without giving it a go!

3: Pieter van Gent Winery & Vineyard

Pieter van Gent made Australia’s first Chardonnay wine back in 1971, and created multi-award winning wines thereafter. As a strong advocate for sustainable farming, Pieter van Gent has created an environment fit to “nurture the wines, the body and the soul” through its organic farming, recycling and restoration of native wetlands and billabongs.

The tasting room of the cellar door itself is settles in a softly-lit stunning and authentic barrel hall.

Sampling Pieter van Gent’s famous, and original Mudgee White Port is essential, and purchasing a bottle to show off to your friends is even more so.

4: Mansfield

Mudgee’s climate typically lends itself to European-style wines, but Mansfield Wines dedicates itself especially to producing handcrafted Iberian and Mediterranean-style wines and continually experiments with different grape varieties to explore new flavours.

Alongside the classic Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon, Mansfield Wines also excites your tastebuds with the likes of a Verdelho, Vermentino or a Dos Cabras.

On visiting this neatly-kept and laid back cellar door, not only will you get the opportunity to taste some fantastic wines, you’ll also have fun trying to pronounce them all, or rather, failing to pronounce them.

5: Di Lusso Estate

Di Lusso Estate boasts ownership of Australia’s largest range of Italian varietal wines at around 17 different types and blends.

The boutique vineyard is nestled on a bank overlooking the vast picturesque valley of Mudgee, making it a superb location to settle down and taste some light, fresh and floral wines.

The cellar door even takes its Italian inspiration to the food on offer, a perfect spot for lunch! Pick out a bottle from the cellar door, order a fantastic homemade wood fired pizza and put your feet up for a well-earned break from cycling.

The tasting room is settled in one end of a huge room, with a backdrop of a stack of barrels – an authentic wine tasting experience. Everything about this cellar door is lovely, right down to Robert, the owner himself.

Next stop, back to Mudgee to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour!!

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