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Meet the owners: Shane & Jane Goninon, Mountainside Wines

It’s Shane and Jane’s personal touch and attention to detail which has enabled the family-run vineyard – Mountainside Wines – to produce a range of such quality and consistency.

All the wines are made using grapes grown directly on the property, most of which have been picked by hand, and that love and care really shines through in the wine itself.

Here, The Wine Pig was delighted to get the opportunity to speak to the duo to find out what drove them to throw in the towel in their previous lives as city business people, and instead take the plunge into the wine world. 

Why did you decide to become vineyard owners?  

We bought the business following a decision to make a tree change and much searching across Victoria. My qualifications are in wine marketing so when we saw Mountainside we fell in love and knew this was the change for us.

What attracted you to the wine region in particular?  

We came to the Grampians because of its beauty and ability to make beautiful Shiraz, the signature wine of the region.

Can you describe your wine style, and how it differs to your peers in the region?

Our wine is made to reflect the terroir of our property.  Our reds are not fined or filtered allowing the aromas and flavours to shine through.  Making only 1000 cases a year we do not blend for consistency supporting our desire to showcase our terroir, whatever the season brings.

Which of your wines are you most proud of and why?  

We are most proud of our Nebbiolo as it is difficult to ripen in the Grampians and produces a light style, ruby red coloured wine full of cherry fruit flavours finely balanced with oak.

What most surprises people about you or the wines you produce?  

Most people are surprised about us making such a major change in our lives, leaving corporate life in Melbourne and taking up farming.  Most people are also surprised and pleased to find a family owned and operated vineyard and winery making boutique wine.

What are you drinking now, and what are you cellaring?

We are trimming our Nebbiolo and Viognier now and cellaring our 2013 Shiraz, a big bold red full of fruit and pepper flavours and complexity. 

If you could only drink one wine for the rest of your life, what would that be?  Mumm….

What is the most exciting thing coming up for both you and the business over the next 12 months?

The most exciting thing for the business is continuing to build our business and expand our sales.  

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