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Meet the GM: Anna Watson, Lost Buoy Wines

Lost Buoy Wines prides itself for being the closest vineyard to the sea in Australia, with vines growing only 50 meters off the cliff edge, high above the rolling waves of the Great Southern Ocean. And the vines speak clearly of the ocean they overlook, with this fabulous winery producing some of Australia's most elegant wines which showcase a crisp maritime acidity and earth mineral compexity.

Here, general manager, Anna Watson, talks to The Wine Pig about the vineyard’s success.

You're based in South Australia. What is the main attraction of this region and to Lost Buoy Wines?Mclaren Vale boost some of the most beautiful wineries and landscape in South Australia. We are fortunate enough to sit on top of the Port Willunga cliffs which make us truly unique in placement and terroir in the vale. 

How does Lost Buoy Wines differ to its peers in the region?Due to our proximity to the sea we are maritime weather is our risk but also or reward. The vineyards sit within 50metres to the sea so we have huge exposure to salt and winds-  this make some really unique wines with a great profile. 

Which of the wines are you most proud of and why?Personally I would have to say the Cliff Block Grenache- it’s a small production of the best Grenache grapes grown on our estate at port Willunga. Boasts great vanilla and cedar with a stunning saline profile- sounds strange but it’s like eating salted caramel! 

What are you drinking now, and what are you cellaring?Honestly with the heat we have been having in Adelaide it’s a cold beer or gin and tonic! But I can’t go past a glass of lovely ice cold Rose- out Grenache Pink Sky is dry but still offers hints of strawberries and cream with a citrus finish. 

If you could only drink one wine for the rest of your life, what would that be?Tough question- but I’d have to say Champagne. What is the most exciting thing coming up for both you and the business over the next 12 months?We have been fortunate enough to get our hands on some Foggy Hill Pinot Noir from Brian Croser- it only just got bottled, so now they are resting before release, like waiting for a new baby.

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