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12 Wines of Christmas 2015

While we're all celebrating the festive season, The Wine Pig would like to introduce it's top 12 wines of Christmas! Enjoy!

1st wine of Christmas - 2010 Maluna Block Shiraz by Eagles Rest

The Wine Pig's 12 wines of Christmas begins! Day 1: the 1st wine of Christmas is a gorgeous 2010 Maluna Block Shiraz by Eagles Rest in the Hunter Valley. Medium bodied yet intense, with fantastically powerful deep cherry and chocolate notes. A perfect start for this year's Christmas season!! 

2nd wine of Christmas - 2013 High Eden Chardonnay by Mount Adam Vineyards

The Wine Pig's 2nd wine of Christmas is a wonderful 2013 High Eden Chardonnay by Mount Adam Vineyards in Eden Valley, South Australia. An amazingly deep flavoured wine with fantastic body. Packed full of stonefruit notes with an additional hint of nuttyness. A wonderful elegant Chardonnay! Thank you Mount Adam! 

3rd wine of Christmas - 2013 Ernest Allan Shiraz by Gemtree Vineyards

And... the 3rd wine of Christmas is a 2013 Ernest Allan Shiraz from Gemtree Vineyards in McLaren Vale, SA. It's everything you want in a great Shiraz - punchy, fragrant, medium bodied and delicious but with an amazingly silky finish. And if it could get any better... all Gemtree's wines are organic AND biodynamic! It's true, this wine is literally ernest! 

4th wine of Christmas - 2014 Eight Acres Semillion by Mount Pleasant Vineyards

The Wine Pig's 4th wine of Christmas comes from Mount Pleasant Vineyards in Hunter Valley, NSW. Wow, this 2014 Eight Acres Semillion is stunning! Its floral notes are perfectly balanced with critrus and even a little hint of lemongrass has been included. A great choice of wine for a warm Australian Christmas evening. 

5th wine of Christmas - 2013 Pinot Noir by Toolangi Wines

For the 5th wine of Christmas we're taking a trip to Toolangi in Victoria's Yarra Valley. The medium bodied 2013 Pinot Noir had an excellent colour and is generously fruity but so soft. An excellent example of a great cool-climate pinot noir and a simply perfect addition to the Christmas table. 

6th wine of Christmas - 2015 Pinot Grigio by Lou Miranda Estate

The Wine Pig's 6th wine of Christmas is a 2015 Pinot Grigio from Lou Miranda Estate in the Barossa Valley, SA. A wonderfully fresh and vibrant wine with lovely green apple acidity and a slight floral note. An incredibly refreshing wine, perfect for a warm evening. Fantastic work Lou Miranda Estate!! 

7th wine of Christmas - 2013 Lofty Range Chardonnay by De Salis

The 7th wine of Christmas is an absolute beauty of a wine.De Salis's 2013 Lofty Range Chardonnay sits right at home in The Wine Pig's top 12 wines for this Christmas season. Located on the edge of Mt Canobolas in Orange, NSW, the cool climate helps create a perfect full bodied wine. In keeping with the De Salis style, this Chardonnay is complex, big flavoured and rich but also fantastically balanced. It truly needs to be tasted to be believed! 

8th wine of Christmas - Sparkling Durif-Zinfandel by Petersons

And for the 8th wine of Christmas The Wine Pig couldn't help but crack open a wonderful bottle sparkling Durif-Zinfandel from Petersons, NSW. Inky black with fine little bubbles and a hit of rich dark berries with savory spice and hints of dark chocolate. A fantastic wine for when you're looking for something a little bit different when celebrating this Christmas! And as Petersons say themselves... "life is flat without bubbles"! 

9th wine of Christmas - Old Tawny Liqueur by Patina Wines

The 9th wine of Christmas is a spectacular Old Tawny Liqueur from Patina Wines in Orange, NSW. The amazing blend has had many years of aging in small oak barrels and the outcome is fantastic. A wonderfully fruity and complex post-Christmas dinner wine which is offset by lucious nutty and sweet toffee notes. No Christmas would be complete without it! Great work Patina Wines!! 

10th wine of Christmas - 2014 Shiraz Viognier by Clonakilla

The Wine Pig's 10th wine of Christmas is from the wonderful Clonakilla! This stunning 2014 Shiraz Viognier is to die for. This wine is simply breathtaking! Made straight from Clonakilla’s best Shiraz Viognier grapes, all of which are sourced on the site, its wonderfully smooth, balanced perfectly between grace and power. It’s Clonakilla’s iconic wine, and one it should be proud of! 

11th wine of Christmas - 2011 late harvest Golden Triangle Semillion by Mudgee Wines

The Wine Pig's 11th wine of Christmas is a 2011 late harvest Golden Triangle Semillion from Mudgee Wines, NSW. a wonderful desert wine which is golden honey in colour and has full torpical mango and pinapple notes with a hint of oakiness. Incredibly smooth and incredibly wonderful. Hello Christmas!!!! 

12th wine of Christmas - 2013 Pinot Gris by Lake George Winery

The Wine Pig's 12 wines of Christmas ends with a 2013 Pinot Gris by Lake George Winery, Canberra. This wine is deliciously rich with wonderfully strong pear and tropical fruit notes balanced with just the right amount of acidity. An absolute delight to drink! Merry Christmas!!!

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