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Spring has sprung, which means its wine release season!

One of the first off the block this year with, their most popular Clare Valley classics, was Tim Adams and his winemaker Brett Schutz.

Off the back of a couple of smaller yielding vintages, Tim said “2016 is shaping up to be one of the best all round vintages in a decade”. 

He added: “The 2016 vintage has produced fruit rich styles of wine, with plenty of character. In many ways these three wines represent the corner stones of the Tim Adams quality winemaking philosophy and our commitment to traditional Clare Valley wine styles from a number of growers and vineyards throughout the entire Valley.”

And wow, are we excited!!

We tried:

2016 Tim Adams Riesling (RRP $22), 2016 Tim Adams Pinot Gris (RRP $22) and 2013 Tim Adams Shiraz (RRP $25).

And here is what we found.

2016 Tim Adams Riesling

Using only the free run juice at crushing, Tim, Brett and the team have managed to create a beautifully intense and aromatic Riesling which is delightfully zesty, and screaming springtime sunshine.

“The fruit for this Riesling has been sourced from five vineyards in the Clare Valley each with their own individual site characteristics and stories,” Tim said.

“One close to my heart is Skilly Ridge which Pam and I bought in 2014 and now call home. Many of you would remember when it was ‘Ingham’s Skilly Ridge’. We maintain the vineyard to the very high standard which the Ingham family established. The second is a site known as ‘Bayes’ named after district legend Roger Bayes.”

“The site sits 500m above sea level. The others include ‘Morrison’s’, near Penwortham owned by the Morrison family, Baum, owned by Anna Baum and Ireland’s another vineyard owned by Pam and myself,” he added.

2016 Tim Adams Pinot Gris

If Riesling isn’t your wine of choice, then this Pinot Gris will be right up your street.

It screams of lychee and peachy goodness wrapped up in a deliciously fresh wine with that sweet kick we all know and love in a Pinot Gris.

Released consecutively for 12 years, its now also claimed to be one of Australia’s leading Pinot Gris. Win!

2013 Tim Adams Shiraz

Tim Adams rounds out the trifecta with its delicious Shiraz. As a blend of three local vineyards, this wine is an excellent representation of a classic Clare Valley red. It’s rich, oaky and packed to the brim with plum and dark chocolate notes. Perfection for those colder evenings!

Liquid sunshine for the soul!!

Now is the season when many of the wine lovers among us turn to their attention to Port and Sticky wines.

Ok so you can’t drink these wines all day everyday (without some serious blood sugar issues) but it’s like delicately savoring your favorite ever desert, which lasts for an entire bottle.

After all, is there any better time for a petite little glass of something sticky and sweet than at the end of a hearty winter meal?

There are many different variations – sweet and smooth, light and fruity, heavy and Christmassy or just plain sticky… and they’re all worth a whirl.

Here are our 8 favorites – for which The Wine Pig gives a warm congratulations to the wines and their makers.

For the Fortified and Desert wine lovers in all of us.

Josef Chromy, Tasmania – Ruby Pinot NV (Fortified)

If you’re looking to enjoy your cool evenings with a more traditional style of port, then Josef Chromy’s Ruby Pinot is a great place to head to. It screams rich fruit cake with ripe and juicy dark cherry and plums. It’s silky, it’s vibrant and it’s delicious. Make sure to pour yourself a generous portion!

Tempus Two, Hunter Valley - Botrytis Semillon

Powerful, sweet and complex, Tempus Two’s Botrytis Semillon is packed with fruity marmalade and dried apricots with a hint of honey and a smidge of zesty citrus. A wonderfully elegant and excellently rich way to end a meal. 

Patina Wines, Orange – Old Tawny Liqueur

Patina Wines’ amazing Old Tawny Liqueur is to die for. It’s had many years of aging in small oak barrels and the outcome is fantastic. A wonderfully fruity and complex post-winter dinner wine which is offset by luscious nutty and sweet toffee notes. There is no way you’ll get away with having just one little sip!

Mudgee Wines, Mudgee – 2011 late harvest Golden Triangle Semillon

Mudgee Wines’ 2011 late harvest Golden Triangle Semillion has a golden honey colour while being packed full of sweet and juicy tropical mango and pineapple notes, offset with a hint of oakiness. Incredibly smooth and incredibly wonderful. Hello winter deliciousness!!!! 

Petersons, Mudgee – Cellar Port NV

If something a little heavier is more to your taste, Petersons of Mudgee make a spectacular Tawny Port which can really truly be described as Christmas in a glass. Ok, so we’re still half a year out from the silly season, but Christmas in July is just around the corner. You wouldn’t find The Wine Pig’s dinner table without a bottle, and healthy glass, of this one. Heaven in a bottle.

Pieter Van Gent, Mudgee – White Port

The original white port made in NSW’s Mudgee region, by the wonderful Pieter Van Gent, is smooth, silky and luscious with tinges of nectar notes. It is a fantastic accompaniment to your hearty winter feast, or simply on the side of a hot desert. It’s not too sticky, it’s not too sweet, it’s just right.

McWilliams, Hanwood – Show Reserve Limited Release Tawny Port

This port screams dark chocolate and Christmas pudding like all the very best Tawny Port’s do…but its rich and full flavoured palette combined with a silky smooth finish set it apart from the rest. This bottle didn’t stick around for long in The Wine Pig household!!!

Tim Adams, Clare Valley – 2011 Botrytis Riesling

If sweet and luscious is what you’re after then look no further than Tim Adam’s Botrytis Riesling. Its sugary characters are perfectly balanced with the floral and citrus notes traditionally found in a Clare Valley Riesling, and the outcome is exceptional. Stock up on the cheese and crack open a bottle of this beauty – it would be a crime not to!

Thursday, 28 January 2016 09:44

The Wine Pig’s top 5 Aussie Rieslings

The widely-renowned Riesling grape comes in many different shapes and sizes across the world – ranging from lusciously sweet to bone dry. Gone are the days of incredibly sugary low priced Riesling, welcome to the new world where the wines produced are nothing short of elegance and style.

The German-origin grape takes on a whole new and delightfully refreshing form here in Australia – overflowing with ripeness of passion fruit and clear citrus while also having a good grasp on when enough sweetness is enough.

A huge congratulations to The Wine Pig’s top 5 Riesling and their producers, which have all managed to blow The Wine Pig away with their varied and equally delicious versions.

For the Riesling lover in all of us!

Pokolbin Estate Vineyard – 2014 Riesling

As the only vineyard in the Hunter Valley region which grows Riesling, Pokolbin Estate Vineyard really is a step ahead from its local peers with its exceptional version of the renowned wine! An outstanding vintage across the board, the 2014 Riesling is beautifully smooth and delicate with lashings of acidic tropical fruit to give that zesty finish. Utterly delicious and it only leaves you wanting more.

Mountadam Vineyard – 2015 Eden Valley Riesling

Eden Valley’s cool climate produces a wonderful distinctive Riesling. Mountadam’s wonderful 2015 vintage is wonderfully soft but refreshingly dry and classically zesty but with a simple twist where a hint of rose petals comes through. This wine can surely only get better and better with age! 

Kilkanoon, Clare Valley – 2013 Morts Block Riesling

The Clare Valley’s cool and mostly dry conditions created the perfect environment for a powerfully-flavoured dry Riesling by Killanoon. It’s enchantingly lemony and citrusy in flavour and wonderfully fresh and light meaning it goes with pretty much anything, for any reason.

Pikes Wines, Clare Valley – 2014 Traditionale Riesling

Another gem from the Clare Valley region. Pikes Wines version of this wonderful varietal it typically fresh and crisp with plentiful of citrus and tropical fruits coming through when you first put your nose to the glass. Hello shellfish, you’re a perfect pairing to this delicious wine!

Heemskerk, Tasmania – 2012 Coal River Valley Riesling

Very light in colour and soft in taste, this Riesling is simply stunning. There is ample but not overwhelming lemon notes balanced with a very soft sherbet acidity which makes it a pure pleasure to drink, either with friends or without, depending on whether you can bring yourself to share!


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